Solar Retractable Reel System

Ideal for commercial pools where the energy savings are of utmost importance, the HydraLux provides the perfect solution.

No tracks that have to run the full length of the pool as with traditional automatic pool covers where radius corners, stair and ladders can be an issue.

And with the automated moving bench, the system will move off of and away from the pool edge as is required. (up to 8′)

While the cover actuation is still the proven hydraulic technology that we have been using exclusively since 1994, the power to operate the system is solar activated. Therefore, no electricity poolside, no decks to saw cut to run hoses or electrical.

One simple turn of the key, and it will fully open and close the cover. A true one person operation instead of multiple people manhandling heavy rollers and cumbersome blankets.

The mechanism is supported by our limited 20 year warranty on the hydraulics and a limited 5 year limited slat warranty.

Automation made easy.

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