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It’s always sunny in Southern California, it’s the perfect weather for a pool party or a quick swim. But what happens when you’re not using the pool? An automatic pool cover keeps your pool clean, safe, secure and sealed away from harm.

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Let's look at the Benefits of a Pool Cover:

Safety Pool Covers

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WestCoast Pool Covers is the leading pool cover company in Southern California. We pay utmost attention to your needs and prioritize your satisfaction by providing you with reliable pool cover installation and maintenance services:

  • Same day Free Estimates
  • Premium-quality pool covers
  • Full-line pool cover installation services
  • Fast response on repairs
  • Warranty calls and reminders
  • Affordable pool cover packages

Pool Cover Systems

AQUAMATIC – Hydralux

The Hydralux is the only pool cover that provides automation without the use of tracks, ropes and leading edge bars found on traditional automatic cover systems. The Hydralux is designed as an automated energy saving device.

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advantages of installing a pool cover


Aquamatic’s hydraulically driven pool cover system.  No electrical connections inside the vault. Rainwater removal feature built-in on most covers. Best Warranty in the industry – 20 years limited warranty on the mechanism

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Ideal for the do-it-yourself homeowner, it’s the only manual safety cover that can be opened and closed by one person in one comfortable standing position. No rope to pull, drills to engage or cranks to manhandle.

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Each component of the Infinity 4000™ Automatic Pool Cover System is created with premium Stainless Steel and Aluminum, which are hard coat anodized and powder coated to prevent corrosion and increase durability.

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