3 Things You Need to Know about Pool Chemistry in Orange County

A peaceful residential pool.

Have you ever wondered what’s inside your pool?

Most homeowners take their crystalline pools for granted. It’s because they believe that their filtration system can combat all pestering problems associated with pool chemistry. This, however, isn’t always practical.

Pool chemistry refers to the chemical makeup and pH levels of the pool. Your filtration systems can’t shield the pool water from harmful sun rays or rainwater. Neither can it clear out the leaves nor the debris. Pool covers are responsible for handling these ‘superficial’ things. They also ensure that the pool chemistry stays stable for a longer time.

Here’s a better look at pool chemistry and its importance:

1. Imbalanced Pool Chemistry Leads to Problems

Your pool might look clean on the surface, but you never know what’s lurking underneath. Untreated pools are brimming with water containments, bacteria, water-borne viruses, algae and more. Also, exposed pools tend to change pH levels due to the presence of external elements (e.g. dirt and rainwater).

Without any check and balance your pool can get infested with bacteria and algae. It might turn greenish in color and unsafe for swimming sessions. Even without visible signs, treatment is crucial for pool maintenance. Otherwise, you’ll have to keep changing the pool water and start all over again. Not only is this process time consuming but it’s costly too.

Hint: Covering the pool reduced maintenance costs and promotes good water quality.

2. You Need to Keep Your Pool Sanitized with Chlorine

Want to keep your pool germ-free?

Then you’ve got to treat the pool with a good sanitizer. Proper treatment helps eliminate bacteria, algae growth, and other icky things from the pool water. There are multiple sanitizers available in the market, but most people prefer chlorine.  That’s because it’s cost-effective and efficient to use.

There are two ways to chlorinate the pool. You can either drop dissolvable tablets in the pool according to the sanitation schedule. The other option is to invest in a filtration system that cleans the pool by dispersing granules of chlorine automatically.

Chlorinating the pool allows you to oxidize the contaminants. That means that treating the pool with chlorine effectively kills off bacteria and algae with a quick reaction.  This inhibits the growth of infestations and keeps your pool clean and clear at all times.

Hint: Other pool sanitizers include bromine, cyanuric acid, and chloramine. Most of these substances are toxic and unsafe to handle. That’s why it’s better to consult a professional pool maintenance service in Orange County rather than taking the DIY route.

3. Regulating pH Levels Is Important

Remember how we learned about basic and acidic substances in high school?

It turns out that maintaining a proper pH level is essential for your backyard pool. If your pool’s pH level goes below 7.4-7.6 then it would become too acidic.

Whenever something enters the pool it changes the pH levels turning it acidic or alkaline depending on the foreign body. These things include anything from acidic rainwater, alkaline dirt to leaves. People who swim in the pool can also influence its pH levels.

If it goes above the optimal level then it would become too alkaline. Without the ideal pH level, the pool chemistry will start to change and it wouldn’t be safe to swim in the pool.

Hint: Keep a pH increaser and a chemical to decrease it at hand. You can use the substances to stabilize the pool chemistry.

In a Nutshell

In the end, pool chemistry is all about chemicals, minerals, and contaminants in your pool.  It’s your responsibility to ensure that everything is stable and safe to use. You can also enlist the help of professionals to make the job easier.

Want to maintain healthy pool chemistry? Invest in a high-quality automatic pool cover installation to minimize upkeep. With the right pool cover, you won’t have to worry about the environmental elements reacting with pool chemicals and causing trouble.

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