3 Reasons Why Chlorine Is Important for Pool Sanitation in Orange County

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Thinking about pool sanitation and disinfectants?

It doesn’t matter if you’re maintaining a public pool or a residential one, you can’t skip sanitation. That’s because pool water is often lingering with bacteria and unseen impurities. A regular dose of disinfectant is highly essential to ensure safety.

At times like these, pool specialists in Orange County opt for chlorination over electrolysis. That’s because the benefits of chlorine surpass other types of disinfectants. Not only is it practical, but it is more accessible too.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of chlorine for pools:


1.  It Kills Bacteria and Algae

Nobody wants to swim in a murky and dirty pool. You can avoid most of the external elements by using a pool safety cover.  It acts as a barrier against external elements that would enter an uncovered pool. This includes fallen leaves, dirt, and other noticeable impurities that contaminate the pool.

However, the pool cover is only the first barrier of protection. There is still a chance that pool-associated health risks can increase if it is not disinfected regularly. That is when chlorine comes in to save the day.

Controlled amounts of chlorine can keep your residential pools clean and clear from contaminants. Through chlorine purification, you can ensure that the pool is free from disease-carrying microorganisms. That’s because it effectively fights off pathogens (i.e. bacteria, viruses, algae).

Also, even if chlorine is not your first choice for disinfectant, it is still a necessary back up. For instance, saltwater pools can generate chlorine through natural chemical reactions when it enters the pool. You must, however, add more chlorine when its chlorine production is insufficient.

2.  Pool Maintenance Is Easier

In recent times, pool sanitation in Orange County has seen the rise of new disinfectants and purification methods (e.g. saltwater electrolysis and UV light systems). Yet, the use of chlorine still prevails.

One significant benefit of chlorine is its availability. It is easily accessible in the markets. You also have the option to use chlorine tablets or a disinfectant liquid depending on your specific requirements.

Due to this, you can handle chlorination without any difficulty. Also, there is a chance that your local pool service provider doesn’t handle advanced pool sanitation systems. It’s why finding an experienced pool specialist in Orange County for chlorine pools is much easier

Bonus: Chlorine is safer to use than other disinfectants. That’s because it is less likely to harm the pool and its surrounding area.

3.  It Is a Budget-Friendly Option

Lastly, if you’re on a budget, then chlorination is the way to go. You will find that the installation and maintenance of chlorine pools in much cheaper than its alternatives. Chlorine also offers greater value for your money because you can buy it in bulk.

Plus, if you’re looking for a pool specialist, then most of them are qualified to clean chlorine pools at affordable prices. That’s because the traditional cleaning method is better understood and easier to carry out. It also delivers more or less the same results.

Alternatively, if you have a specialized sanitation system, then the maintenance charges would cost extra.

What’s more?

Automatic pool covers reduce the consumption of chlorine. It does this by shielding it from harmful UV rays that would cause the chemical to disintegrate due to excessive exposure. Additionally, installing pool covers serves as a cost-effective strategy too.

That’s because lower consumption rates of chlorine directly reduce the number of refills and the money you spent on them. This is especially true for liquid disinfectants.

The Bottom Line

In the end, pool sanitation in Orange County is significantly dependent on chlorination. That’s because it’s more effective, accessible, and easier to use. You also minimize the damage done to pools and poolside furniture when you’re using this tried and tested disinfectant.

Moreover, the addition of safety pool covers optimizes the usage and minimizes the cost of pool maintenance.

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