Pools in Orange County: Is an Automatic Pool Cover Worth It?

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Why should we buy an automatic pool cover? Is it really worth the price? How can it help us save money?

As pool cover specialists in Orange County, we are constantly bombarded with these questions. It’s why our consultants decided to round up the cost-saving benefits of automatic pool covers as an answer. That way, you will know how and why these types of pool covers surpass their counterparts.

So without further ado, let’s discuss how automatic pool covers installations save your money.

1.  You Save Up on Electricity

On average, your residential swimming pool consumes hundreds of kilowatt worth of energy each week. You use the electricity to run the filtration system, pool pump, and heating system. Then there is the cost of pool lights and other embellishments added to your electricity bill.

If you’re thinking about cutting costs, then an automatic pool cover installation is a great investment.  The benefits of automatic pool covers minimize the usage of filtration systems and other pool maintenance equipment.

Once that happens, you see a significant change in your electricity bills.

2. It Reduces Chemical & Water Loss: Pools In Orange County

Uncovered pools are exposed to environmental elements 24/7. That is why the high temperatures and direct contact with UV rays accelerate the water evaporation. Your pool also loses chemicals and disinfectants through this process.

As a result, you’re required to spend more on pool water maintenance. The loss of essential chemicals can also cause drastic changes in pool chemistry. It can eventually lead to health risks and unwanted swimming pool problems.

Fortunately, you can avoid all this via an automatic pool cover installation. The cover acts as a barrier against the environment. Due to this, the pool chemistry remains stable, and water loss is decreased by 70-90%.

So you don’t have to keep refilling the pool or changing the filtration system.

3. Pool Heating Becomes Easier

Do you like taking swims in warm pools?

Even in sunny California, pool heating is essential during winters. You might also need pool heating throughout the year for late-night swims and dips. This luxury, however, proves costly when you consider the amount of energy pool heaters consume.

Luckily, slipping on an automatic pool cover can trap the heat inside the pool. That way, you won’t have to use the heater as frequently as before. Subsequently, this saves up to 50% of the energy you previously consumed to heat your pools.

The Bottom Line: Pools In Orange County

In conclusion, most pool cover specialists in Orange County recommend automatic pool covers. They understand that the benefits of automatic pool covers go beyond convenience. That’s because it reduces electricity consumption, water bills, and pool maintenance charges.

That means you end up saving more money than you invested during installation.

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