What Are the Advantages of Installing a Pool Cover

advantages of installing a pool cover

We’ve heard time and time again that pool covers aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing addition to your pool area. They are, however, the most practical ones. This is especially true for pool owners who worry about cleaning and maintaining the pool regularly. Or parents, that don’t like the idea of their kids running around near the pool when they are busy elsewhere.

We’ve rounded up the main advantages of installing a pool cover to show you how they alleviate your pool-related troubles.

Let’s have a look:

1.  They Regulate the Temperature

Although California is the land of perpetual summer, we do go through our fair share of the winter season. A pool cover will ensure that the water temperature inside the pool stays stabilized in spite of the fluctuating temperature. This makes it easier for you to enjoy a well-regulated temperature at all times. Additionally, some types of pool covers can increase the temperature inside. This is highly convenient for pool owners who prefer to dip into a warm pool.

2.  Minimize Water Evaporation

You’ve probably noticed how the pool’s water level decreases during a hot day. This isn’t always because of leaks or system issues. Rather the rise in temperature directly increases water evaporation in residential and commercial pools. This leads to a significant increase in water loss. So if you wish to save gallons of water, then you should cover your pools. The right pool cover can help you conserve water and prevent the pool’s water filtration system from getting damaged.

Bonus: Exposure to UV light causes chemicals inside the pool to react negatively. The pool cover eliminates the risk of chemical degradation and decreases the need to frequently change the water filter.

3.  They Are Cost-Effective Fixtures

It goes without saying that uncovered pools are like an open invitation to germs, dirt, and any airborne contaminants. Not to forget all the fallen leaves that are found floating on a windy day. These instances make it difficult for you to clean the pool properly. You’re also faced with maintenance costs due to frequent environmental damage.

Fortunately, installing a pool cover can effectively solve these problems. It keeps the dirt out and keeps pool maintenance to a minimum. Plus, the lack of dirt and debris will make it easier for both you and the automatic cleaner to clean the pool.

4.  Safety Barrier for Kids

An underrated advantage of pool covers is its usefulness for families. The cover functions as safety barriers for the children as it seals off the area completely. This, in turn, minimizes the risk of slip and fall accidents when children are playing near the pool.

More importantly, it ensures that nobody swims or splashes in the swimming pool without supervision. Thereby, it offers every parent with a peace of mind when the kids are playing outside.

In a Nutshell: Advantages of Installing a Pool Cover

In the end, the advantages of installing a pool cover go beyond surface value. They don’t just shield your pool from environmental damage, they offer hidden benefits too.  If you’re interested in enjoying a fun playful time by the pool, then we suggest that you install one before summer kicks in.

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