4 Popular Myths about Pool Covers Debunked

Two rubber ducks placed on the poolside

Are you having second thoughts about installing a pool cover?

If you’re a new pool owner, then your mind is riddled with questions about automatic pool covers. The new-age models are the talk of the town. This hype, however, also gives way to illogical assumptions and pool cover myths.

In this article, we are going to debunk the rumors about pool cover installations and usage. That way, you won’t have any doubts about the purchase.

Let’s have a look:

1.  Pool Covers Look Ugly.

Many homeowners think that pool covers are unaesthetic and bland. That it would dampen the look of their outdoor space.

On the contrary, modern pool covers can enhance the overall look of the area. Their different styles, cuts, and shades can give the place a whole new look. If you’re looking for a discreet design, then we can arrange that too.

All you’ve got to do is request the minimalistic style requirements before purchase. We will ensure that the manufacturers send over a model that matches those specifications.

2. Automatic Pool Covers Come in Customized Sizes.

Other pool cover myths are related to its amazing tailored designs.

It is the truth.

Over the years, automatic and regular pool covers have revolutionized. You can now find them in multiple shapes and sizes if you know what you want. The best part is that your favorite type of cover can get tailored according to the dimensions of your pool.

So don’t hesitate to build quirky pool shapes and designs if you want. We will ensure that there is a pool cover out there that fits your custom pool design.

Pro tip: You can install standard automatic pool covers on irregularly shaped pools. This, however, is only possible if you add a pool deck and remodel the area.

3. Safety Pool Covers Are Only for Kids.

Do you think that safety pool covers are only necessary for families?

Then you are wrong.

On average, pool covers in Orange County aren’t just seen as safety barriers for the young ones. Your pool cover is also a way to protect the pool from critter infestations. It evades off unwanted guests and seals of the area from airborne infections and environmental elements too.

Additionally, safety pool covers can prevent your pets from slipping into the water. It also minimizes the risk of slip and fall accidents when the pool isn’t in use.

4. Automatic Pool Covers Are Worth Every Penny.


The hot takes on pool cover get infuriating when people chuck them in the overpriced category. It is because most manufacturers have worked day and night to bring sustainable solutions to the table. Adding to the eco-friendly appeal are the countless money-saving reasons why you should install the cover.

The benefits of pool covers include:

  • A decrease in regular consumption of activity.
  • It protects pool chemicals from UV light degradation.
  • It keeps debris and impurities out of the pool.
  • It reduces water loss by shielding the heat and direct sunlight.
  • You get to regulate temperatures during winter.

In the end, when you weigh in the advantages, the return of investment is always high. It is why we consider it as a cost-effective strategy to maintain their residential pools. That’s because the pool covers don’t just cut down electricity bills, but they make maintenance easier too.

The Bottom Line

In the end, we want you to remember that automatic pool covers are a valuable purchase. They allow you to save money, protect the pool, and make maintenance easier too. You also get an array of customized options to choose from before purchase.

So don’t let gossip delay your plan to install these covers.

How many of these myths about pool covers did you use to believe?  Clear your doubts and ask more questions from the best pool cover specialists in Orange County.

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