What Are Automatic Pool Covers?

Automatic Pool Cover for Residential Pool

Thinking about getting an automatic pool cover?

When it comes to pool cover installations in Orange County, many people prefer these modern contraptions over the outdated models. That’s because these automatic pool covers are easier to manage and maintain.

However, an investment like this requires research and market valuation. This is why we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about automatic pool covers. We’re also giving you a closer look at the benefits of automatic pool covers that you can’t ignore.

Let’s have a look:

How Do Automatic Pool Covers Work?

Automated pool covers are mechanical pool covers. Its mesh/vinyl body cover is connected to parallel-running interlocking gears that are mounted on both sides of your pool. So whenever you switch on the system, the cover will start to roll in or out according to your preference.

The automatic pool covers are installed on the pool deck or the inside edge of your pool. The installation requirements are arranged according to the dimensions of your pool. If you’re interested then the pool cover specialist could customize the pool cover for you. The customization includes colors, styles, and shapes.

What are your options?

There are two main types of automatic pool covers in the market these days. The standard automatic pool cover works on electricity, while the modern one is powered by a strong hydraulic system. Most homeowners prefer the latter because of its feasibility and eco-friendly mechanism.

Many pool cover specialists in Orange County sell both types of automatic pool covers. They offer onsite installations and maintenance services to their customers.

The Benefits of Automatic Pool Covers

The biggest advantage of automatic pool covers is its ease of use. The pool cover rolls in and out without manual labor. This makes the process more convenient when you compare it to traditional pool covers. They are also much sturdier and long-lasting than regular types of safety pool covers.

Other benefits of automatic pool covers include:

  • The elimination of pool water contamination.
  • The stabilization of imbalanced pH levels.
  • Regulation of pool water temperature.
  • Energy efficiency and reduction of heating costs.
  • It saves time and energy required to clean the pool.
  • The prevention of excessive water evaporation due to direct sunlight exposure.
  • Protection from environmental elements (e.g. rain, leaves, and debris).

Apart from this, automatic pool covers keep the area safe and secure. Their presence makes it impossible for young ones to dip and dive when you’re not around.

In a Nutshell

On the whole, automatic pool covers installations are a must-have for residential pools in Orange County. The nifty device allows you to enjoy swimming sessions and pool parties without any restrictions. It also makes it easier to manage the pool when it’s not in use.

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